Fundamentals for Specialty Training

Class Times:

4:30pm – 6:30pm, Thursdays (Kaleen)

2:30pm – 4:30pm, Saturdays (Chifley)


Chifley:  Warehouse Circus Training Space, Chifley Health and Wellbeing Hub, 4/70 MacLaurin Crescent, Chifley ACT 2606.
Kaleen:  UC High School Kaleen Gym, 104 Baldwin Drive, Kaleen ACT 2617.


$300 per term (2020)


Open to young people aged 10 – 17.  Entry to this class is for entry by participants currently enrolled in a Next Step Troupe or by trainer recommendation.


This program provides a starting point for specialty training, allowing participants to develop the required strength, flexibility and knowledge to progress into more advanced training. Modelled on our very popular holiday training intensives, Fundamentals for Specialty Training is a weekly training session where participants can choose from three different streams including Aerials, Acrobatics and Manipulations and Balance. Each session will be comprised of a group dynamic warm-up and basic tumble, followed by two forty-five minute sessions (approx) in Aerials, Acrobatics and Manipulations and Balance run by specialists in these fields. Participants will be free to choose which activity to undertake in each specialty session, allowing them to stick with one specialty or mix it up within a class or from week to week depending on their interests.

Aerial Specialty Sessions: Participants will learn static and dynamic tricks on the Trapeze, Tissu and Lyra, as well as occasional Straps, Spanish Web and Sling. Wherever possible we will also bring in external trainers with new tricks, new aerial disciplines or new performance styles to add value to the Aerial stream, while also allowing participants to play and create on their favourite apparatus.

Acrobatics Specialty Sessions: These sessions will cycle through a large range of acrobatics disciplines and styles, for example Floor Tumbling, Airtrack, Adagio, Mini-tramp, Pitching, Teeterboard, Hoop-diving, German Wheel… the list goes on! Our aim is to build versatile acrobats, with a sound knowledge of different disciplines and the ability to create routines in the disciplines that interest them the most.

Manipulation and Balance Sessions: These sessions will focus on a wide range of manipulations such as Juggling, Hula Hooping, Diabolo, Staff, Plate Spinning and Poi Twirling as well as balance disciplines such as Rolla Bola, Stilt Walking, Unicycling, Handstands and Hand Balancing. Try a little of everything and create within a chosen specialty. Work individually or as a group. Sessions will contain opportunities to learn directly from specialists in different fields to enrich and inspire your practice, and to explore your own specialty under the guidance of an experienced Warehouse Circus trainer.

Fundamentals for Specialty Training will finish up with a group cool-down focussing on increasing strength and flexibility.

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