Key Policies

policies and procedures to keep our participants safe

Members Handbook

Warehouse Circus is committed to providing a safe and respectful learning environment for all participants. Our policies and procedures are outlined in our Members Handbook, which is sent out to all new members. Key policies are outlined below, and you can read these policies in full by downloading our Members Handbook.

Code Of Conduct

Warehouse Circus Inc. aims to provide a fun, safe, inclusive and supportive environment for training and performance. All members are expected to abide by certain standards of behaviour – outlined in full in our Members Handbook.

Child Protection Policy

Warehouse Circus provides a safe environment for all participants. All staff and volunteers that work with children and young persons have a responsibility to act to protect the participants from child abuse and neglect. All employees of Warehouse Circus are required to be registered for Working with Vulnerable People and must continually renew this registration.

Health and Safety

Warehouse Circus believes that the safety and wellbeing of all Members, employees and program participants is a vital part of the successful performance of our operation, and that no job is considered so important or urgent that time cannot be afforded to perform each function safely.

Bullying and Harassment

Warehouse Circus is committed to the provision of a fair, healthy and safe workplace in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect and in which no individual or group feels bullied, threatened or intimidated. Bullying or harassment in any form is unacceptable behaviour and will not be permitted or condoned.

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