Warehouse Circus is Canberra's longest running circus school. We've got classes for absolutely everyone - no matter your age, ability, or special interests!

What we offer

Classes for Everyone!

At Warehouse Circus we have classes for every age group and ability!

Inclusive and Welcoming

Catered to all ages and skill levels

Full of great people and taught by experts

Co-operative, supportive and based on positive reinforcement

Suitable for everybody and every body

Designed to keep trainer to student ratios low

Entry Level Classes

For students aged 0 – 17 years our Entry Level classes are perfect for those who are new to circus and excited to learn new skills!

Intermediate Level Classes

By invitation only, our Intermediate Level classes are for students aged 3 years plus! Are you ready to move up a level?

Advanced Level Classes

When assessed as ready, we invite students to our advanced classes to further develop their technical skills!

Adult Classes

For any adults needing a hobby! We have a class that can cater to you, term programs, and drop in circus jams!

Enrolments are OPEN!

So be quick and book into one of our fantastic Circus classes!

Learn About Our Classes

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Tiny Tribes

Classes for families with one or more children.

Carers and kids all learn together in this class, working together to learn aerials, juggling, acrobalance and tumbling!

There is also a grownups focused session within each class so you can progress your skills while your little one learns and plays with our experienced circus trainers.

Taught at your own speed, and families can come and go during the class as needed.

Classes are 1 hour long!


Half Highs

Learn the foundation of Circus in our Half Highs class. 

Participants will learn tumbling foundations, aerial foundations, drills to support juggling and other object manipulations as well as plenty of balance exercises.

Classes are 1 hour long!


Kick Ups

Learn Juggling, Unicycling, Tumbling, Acrobalance and more in this fun high energy class!

Focused on building individual skills as well as nurturing group dynamics.

Kick ups classes are 90 minutes long!


Teens Circus Sessions

A relaxed, social environment for beginner to intermediate teens!

If your goal is building community and social skills alongside circus, this is the class for you!

Designed specifically for teenage participants, and delivered by experienced and passionate trainers.


Next Step

Our Next Step classes are by invitation. When assessed as ready by their trainers, participants in beginner classes are invited to enrol in our Next Step program. We have a Next Step class for every age group from 3+.

In these classes we introduce new apparatuses, harder skills, faster classes and for Next Step Troupes (8 and up) there are opportunities to perform at more events.

Class length depends on the groups age!


Performance Development

This class is for any Next-Step or Advanced troupe member to learn exercises for creating work, rehearsing upcoming shows and developing acts. This class is fun and silly, offering practical tips and support to create your own circus acts. Participants who attend this class will be able to demonstrate that they can make work, and have show-ready acts perfect for when the next performance opportunity comes up!


Intro to Specialty Training

Open to Next Step Troupes and Performance Troupes or Entry by Trainer Recommendation – Intro to Specialty Training is a fantastic addition to your circus schedule! With longer classes broken up into focussed sessions, taught by specialist trainers. Take a deep dive into your new favourite skills!

Rock Saults

Want a skills focussed class after our Kick Ups program? Teens can get a long way quickly by learning circus at a steady pace with great people!

Build proprioception, balance, coordination, strength and grace with our class that is perfect for teens. We cover all the Performance Troupe entry requirements in our Rock Saults classes.

Classes are 2 hours long!

Performance Packages

When assessed as ready, we invite participants to enrol in our advanced and performance troupe classes, offered as packages. Participants who enrol in multiple classes get a discount!

These classes are designed to accelerate learning to a high standard, and create more opportunities for skill development and performances. Festival shows, events and theatrical works that participants help create, working with our talented staff and industry professionals.


Performance Troupe

We have two troupes, one Northside, and one South. This is the class for kids who want to do shows, and as many as they can get! This troupe works together to build group and solo skills to a high level, with many opportunities to perform at events around Canberra and in theatrical works that participants are invited to help create!

Advanced Specialty

Students who sign up to Advanced specialty night get to direct their training where they want it most. Pick from Specialty fields of Acrobatics, Aerials and Ground-based specialties, working hard to get good. We also emphasise Strength and Conditioning.

Performance Development

This class is for any Advanced Troupe or Next-Step member to learn exercises for creating work, rehearsing upcoming shows, and developing acts.

This class is fun and silly, yet offers practical skills and support to create your own circus acts.

Participants who attend this class will be able to demonstrate that they can make work and have show-ready acts perfect for when the next performance opportunity comes up!

The best part? This class is freeeeeeeee for performance troupe members!



The Circus Sessions

Always wanted to learn how to Juggle? Longed to learn how to stand on your hands? Need something silly to Counterbalance all that seriousness? Maybe you’re missing that perfect amount of play in your life!

Come along to our Circus Sessions – specifically designed for adults to get their circus on! Connect in with an amazing community of enthusiasts and practitioners, where you can learn, train, and grow with each other in our fully equipped and heated training studio, supported by our experienced trainers.

No need to be afraid, our Circus Sessions are for any fitness level, we’ll begin where you’re at and jam along with you. Not sure if you’re ready? the best way to test the circus-waters is to dip your toes in. 


Adult Specialty

This class is for any adult who wants to learn circus. Choose from our trapeze and aerials program, tumbling, juggling, balancing or teeterboard! With two focused sessions per lesson, this is the perfect place to have a try of different things week to week until you find your groove.


2024 Term Dates

Term 1

Monday 29 January to Saturday 12 April 2024

Term 2

Monday 29 April to Saturday 6 July 2024

Term 3

Monday 22 July to Saturday 28 September 2024

Term 4

Monday 14 October to Saturday 21 December 2024

Why Choose Circus Classes?

Learning circus skills provides a wide range of benefits to the participant – increased attention span and focus, personal and social growth, mental and emotional health – all the while within a non-competitive and fun atmosphere

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