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Meet the Team!

Meet our dedicated staff, committed to making your circus classes the best they can be!


Head Trainer, Training Coordinator

Ashley grew up in Dubbo and did gymnastics for 6 years and then went on to became a qualified coach and judge in many areas of the sport. When she was 9 years old she started doing circus and specialised in stilt walking and acrobatics.

At the age of 13 she quit gymnastics to do more circus classes. When she was 19 she was offered a scholarship to study tumbling and coaching at the International Academy of Physical Education in Denmark doing performance tumbling and parkour and performed in the Olympic stadium in Berlin with the academy.

She moved to Canberra and joined Warehouse Circus in March 2018 and is now the Training Coordinator.

Head Trainer

Brett first entered circus arts 10 years ago, coming from a theatre background. They immediately fell in love with aerial silks, trapeze, and Spanish web as well as a variety of prop manipulation disciplines. Brett also loves clowning and German wheel and works on them at every opportunity. Their favourite skills to learn are silly ones which are easy to learn and even sillier ones which are very hard to learn.

Head Trainer, Programs Administrator

Chris started training circus in 2008 and what started as a hobby has grown into a career! Originally Chris was based in Melbourne where he worked as a Circus Trainer at Little Devil’s Circus and was president of the Monash University Juggling Club.

Chris has let his passion for circus take him all over Australia and beyond to some of the biggest Circus and Juggling Conventions in the world!

Chris now lives and works full time in Canberra teaching at Warehouse Circus and, in his own time, runs Canberra’s community juggling club: JuggleHub.

Head Trainer, Aerial Specialist

Nearly ten years ago Evyn was invited to try out hanging from a trapeze, and little did he know this would spark an expansive circus career of hanging from all kinds of things!

Evyn quickly fell in love with the aerial arts and attempted all he could find; he also quickly found a passion for working with partners in doubles routines, as the challenge and enjoyment of working with another person thrills him. His favourite aerial arts are the trapeze, silks and chinese pole. When you can find him on the ground, you'll likely find Evyn performing adagio or tumbling.

Evyn has been both student and teacher at Warehouse Circus during his circus career and has even left ACT for periods to live internationally and seek opportunities to train and learn new skills to bring back and teach his students.

Head Trainer

Gavin has been a trainer at Warehouse Circus for 5 years, starting as a student at the University of Canberra High School Kaleen in their elective circus program. Gavin specialises in juggling, currently working on juggling 7 balls. He takes pride in bringing lots of energy to the classes he teaches.

Head Trainer

Grover joined the Flying Fruit Fly Circus in 2010, where he specialised in aerial rope, while also doing handbalancing, teeterboard and acrobatics. During his time there he performed in a number of FFFC shows including Circus Under My Bed and JUNK. After graduating in 2017, Grover and his friend Sam Waite made a two-man show called Slips, Trips & Falls, which they took to Melbourne Fringe festival, after which Grover went on to join Company 2’s Scotch and Soda and performed in Austria and throughout the Netherlands. Grover has also spent time performing and touring with his parents’ company, Acrobat - in Europe, South America, Asia as well as here in Australia - in their show Propaganda.

Trainee Trainer

Imy has been at Warehouse Circus as a student since 2014 and only recently has been trained as an assistant trainer. She loves what circus can do for children as they grow, and believes in the values it teaches. In the coming years Imy hopes to study at NICA and either start her own touring circus or join an existing one.

Head Trainer, Maintenance, and Project Coordinator

Isaac's role at Warehouse is running and organising the Spin Out classes, Jump start programs and Assisted Place students. He specialises in Circus for Disability, working with people with differing abilities to still engage and learn from Circus. He has a few years’ experience coaching Gymnastics, and a few more coaching Circus. He can teach a bit of everything in the Circus space, but acrobatics and manipulations are his strong points. Isaac's passion is Circus for Life skills training!

Head Trainer, Marketing, Impact, and Events Manager

Born in a distant country called Slovakia, Jano has been immersed in performing arts since early childhood. What started with music later developed into acting and medieval re-enactment and sword fighting. Via numerous festivals held at European castles, Jano became fire twirler and a juggler and that's where his latest passion was born. While taking various circus classes in Sydney, he became an established performer and entertainer and had regular bookings throughout NSW. His latest appearance in Canberra was playing the Ringmaster in Barnum, the circus musical.

Projects Coordinator, Volunteer Manager, Head Trainer

Larissa graduated in Business with MBA in Project Management, PMP certified - Project Management Professional, and is currently studying a diploma in Community Services at CIT. Lari is the new Project Coordinator at Warehouse Circus. She has over 4 years of experience in integrating public services in Brazil. She also worked in the Fundraising Department at Save the Children in Perth in 2016 and 2017, and worked at Calvary Hospital here in Canberra in programs for people with disability. Here at Warehouse Circus, Larissa works as a trainer on our Spin Out Program, manages our volunteers, and is here to take on further exciting projects that might occur.

Head Trainer, Marketing, Impact, and Events Assistant

Siân has spent her whole life on the stage. Starting her professional career with the Sydney City Ballet Company at 14, she quickly discovered her love for entertaining ran deeper than dance and so began exploring the magical world of circus.

For the last three years Siân has been a travelling events entertainer, bringing her signature explosive pyrotechnics acts to every corner of the country. She adores anything that spins, and specialises in manipulations such as hoops, poi, fans, and staves.

Siân believes that taking a new approach to traditional props is the best way to learn, so expect something unexpected in any of her lessons!

Head Trainer, Maintenance

Tristan is in his gap year after completing his schooling, has been a part of Warehouse Circus for 10 years. He is currently working towards a career in teeterboard and group acro! He also likes to tumble with his classes while he teaches.


Administrative Team

Aleshia Johnson
Executive Director

Aleshia grew up on a farm near Cootamundra NSW, moving to Canberra for University in 2005. Aleshia’s passion for performing arts began at the early age of 9 when she wrote her first song. At age 12, Aleshia began learning guitar and at age 14 she joined the Cootamundra Amateur Dramatic Arts Society (CADAS) Kids and began participating in youth theatre productions.

Aleshia began managing Warehouse Circus in 2010 when it was a small community organisation of around 140 participants. Across the past nine years, Aleshia has enjoyed the challenge of helping to grow the company to provide circus to over 550 people per week in Canberra, while still retaining Warehouse’s community spirit and uniqueness.

Aleshia’s passion comes from knowing first-hand the impact youth arts can have on a young person’s life, their sense of belonging, self-esteem and love of life-long learning. When she’s not running a circus, Aleshia is the frontwoman of local original alternative rock band, Second Sun, and is currently busy recording the band’s third album. She is also the mum of an active two-year-old, soon to be a Warehouse Circus Tiny Tuck! Photo credit: Andrew MacLean Photography 

Ben Martin
Finance Manager

Ben has been involved with the Performing Arts since 2008, when he started performing with his local theatre company. Since then he has performed and done backstage work with a number of companies in Canberra and his hometown of Goulburn, including performing a show in the US for an international community theatre festival. Along the way he picked up some circus skills, mostly based around fire performance.

Ben has been at Warehouse Circus since 2017, when he took up the role of Finance Manager. Recently he has also taken on the Programs area. He is very passionate about circus and the performing arts, and the impact that the arts have on people’s lives.

Michael Singer
Programs Administrator

Michael’s first taste of Circus was in 2005 with a Warehouse Circus School Holiday Program, after which he progressed to the troupe for beginner and intermediate teens, later renamed Beetroots. While attending the Warehouse Circus core program, Michael participated in several Unicycling Championships, including the Australian Unicycle Nationals (UNINATS) and the Mountain Unicycle (MUNI) weekend.

In 2009 Michael started his own Circus company “Procrastination Circus”, where he performed street shows that included fire and danger-style stunts, until 2012 when he eventually left Warehouse Circus in pursuit of his solo performing career. Since then Michael has lived and performed in Melbourne, performing under the name “MADMICK” up until his eventual retirement in 2016, which set the stage for his eventual return to his roots in a position with Warehouse Circus in 2019.

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