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Curriculum aligned in-school circus classes for K-12

What is circus?

Circus is a catch-all term for a wide variety of physical and performance skills, including:

  • Acrobatics – tumbling, partner & group shapes
  • Balance – unicycle, tightwire
  • Juggling – Rings, Clubs, Balls,
  • Aerials – Silks, Trapeze
  • Performance – traditional & contemporary circus, clown & slapstick

At Warehouse Circus, we teach circus skills from beginner to professional, following industry best practice in a fun, inclusive and safe way.

Circus is for everybody and every body.

School circus programs:


Foster a supportive and co-operative environment


Increase participation and engagement in school


Encourage young people to be active


Are suitable for all athletic abilities


Assist in the development of step by step learning which transfers to other areas of school


Aid social development and increase self-esteem

A circus program tailored for your schools needs, perfect for a PE/Drama double period.

We can come to you or we can arrange a mix of incursions and excursions to facilitate full access to our aerial and acrobatic apparatus.

The Arts

  • Developing Practices & Skills

  • Creating and Making

  • Presenting and Performing

Although Circus is not specifically listed in the Australian Curriculum, this is an accessible, inclusive set of performance skills and principles that:Are easily understood;

Teach and support movement quality akin to dance;

Has its own creative language and presentation formats;

Can be used to enhance, underpin or combine with other dramatic elements to create innovative, new work with positive experiences and a valued place for all students regardless of prior physical ability or experience.

Health & P.E.

  • Health benefits of physical activity

  • Mental health and wellbeing

  • Safety

  • Active play and minor games

  • Challenge and adventure activities

  • Fundamental movement skills

  • Games and sports

  • Lifelong physical activities

  • Rhythmic and expressive activities

Pastoral Care

  • Fosters a supportive and co-operative environment
  • Increases participation and engagement in school
  • Encourages young people to be active
  • Is suitable for all athletic abilities
  • Assists in the development of step-by-step learning which transfers to other areas of school
  • Aids social development and increase self-esteem


Circus programs can be easily tailored to meet outcomes requirements across curricula.Circus is a physical activity and expressive set of commonly understood apparatus that can be used to convey both emotional concepts and specific information.Eg.

  • Circus performances can convey emotional states, big ideas, personal moments and powerful opinions. They’re also fun to make and watch!
  • Acrobalance, equilibristics, aerials and object manipulation can be used to teach practical application of physics, Human balance concepts
  • Circus apparatus can be used as metaphor for explaining other scientific concepts including
  • A full-scale circus production as your schools major work for the year can involve performing arts, visual arts and fashion, production and event management, marketing et al.

Circus for active schools

A term-length or ongoing circus program as a unit or after-school activity at your school:


Meets P.E. curriculum requirements at all year levels


Meets drama/dance curriculum units when paired with a planned performance outcome


Supports physical activity for young people who feel excluded from traditional sports, and/or young people interested in drama and live performance.


Supports physical activity for neurodivergent students and students with disabilities


Is an ideal activity for pastoral care or youth engagement programs

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