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Where to get Circus Equipment?

Are you interested in buying some circus equipment so you can practice at home?

There are many stores and many different brands of circus equipment that you can buy, but they very in quality. Poor quality equipment or the wrong size or type can make practicing very frustrating to use. The quality of circus equipment is often not directly related to the amount of money you spend.

The trainers at Warehouse Circus have created this list of equipment and were to get it based on their experience using different brands and stores. The recommendations are based on quality and suitability for students.


From Warehouse


You can purchase a set of 3 Soft Juggling balls for $15 dollars at the Warehouse Circus office. These are the same juggling balls that we use in class and are pretty much indestructible, they are fantastic.



Warehouse Circus is now a supplier of the German unicycle brand Qu-ax! In the 10 years that I (Mark) have been riding unicycles I have not come across a better, more versatile unicycle than the Qu-ax Luxus unicycle. For $180 you get a comfortable seat, square crown frame (for 1 footed tricks), robust wheel set and 2 seat posts so the unicycle can grow as your circus star does. The best thing is that all profits go back into making our circus programs bigger and better! Available in red, blue, and black.

From Other Stores


These Mr Babache Rings from Juggleart are are affordable and durable.

Simple Juggling rings

If you would like something a little bit special there are also the Reverso rings, each side is a different colour which allows you to perform cool colour changing tricks.

Reverso Rings


At Warehouse we juggle Henrys Classic Trainers. These are also available from Juggleart. These clubs are really strong, good for all level of jugglers and their thin handles are also great for small hands. The main reason we like these clubs is that they work well for beginners at the same time as not being limiting for advanced jugglers.

Henrys Classic Trainers

If you would like something a bit more shiny you could get Henerys Classic Circus. These are the same clubs just with a different decoration.

Henrys Classic Circus




Sundia make a great range of good quality diabolos, the moddle we recomed is the Sundia Sun. If you purchase them directly from Diabolo Galaxy you get free shipping any where it the world.

Sundia – Sun

The Sundia – Sun comes with free wooden sticks but if you would like the other style you will need to add them to your order seperatly. We recommend any of the 31cm sticks.

Fancy Sticks



Home of Poi sell a great range of Poi and other circus equipment. For beginners all the way to advanced we recommend the Foxy Socks Poi, These poi are great for learning new tricks and are particularly good for partner poi.

Foxy Socks Poi


Hula Hoops

Toy Store Hula Hoops are not good for learning much more than very simple tricks. We recommend the DayGlo Hoops from Juggleart. The Medium size is good for small children and the Large size is good for everyone else.

DayGlo Hoops


Trick Sticks

We recommend and use Luna Sticks available from Juggleart, These are great because they are not to heavy and they come with nice silicone covered control sticks.

Luna Sticks 


 Weirder the Better

A whole range of awesome circus gear is sold by our friend Graham at Weirder the Better.
Shop 11, 1-13 Katoomba Street, Katoomba. Orders can be shipped.
Graham also sells large range of aerial equipment and lots of different slacklines.










































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