Where to get Circus Equipment?

Are you interested in buying some circus equipment so you can practice at home?

There are many stores and many different brands of circus equipment that you can buy, at various budgets and quality levels. Some equipment is great for your own practice, but may not be of sufficient quality for performances. Feel free to talk to the trainer on your class at Warehouse for their recommendations!

This list is not comprehensive, but is based on the combined experiences of the staff here at Warehouse Circus. All suppliers on this page are of sufficient quality for students to use in their daily practice.

From Warehouse


You can purchase a set of 3 Soft Juggling balls for $18 dollars at the Warehouse Circus office. These are the same juggling balls that we use in class and are pretty much indestructible, they are fantastic.

Spinning Plates:

Spinning plates are available for purchase individually from the Warehouse Circus office. One plate and one stick is $15, and these are the same as the plates we use in all our classes.



(not in stock, pre-order only)

Warehouse Circus is now a supplier of the German unicycle brand Qu-ax! For $180 you get a comfortable seat, square crown frame (for 1 footed tricks), robust wheel set and 2 seat posts so the unicycle can grow as your circus star does. The best thing is that all profits go back into making our circus programs bigger and better! Available in red, blue, and black.


Represent Warehouse Circus in our comfy t-shirts and hoodies! Available in maroon or purple, the t-shirts are made of breathable material perfect for training, and the hoodies are soft and snug for those cold Canberra winters. Sizes XS-XXL, order via email or by coming into our office.

Hoodie: $45
T-Shirt: $35

From Other Stores


These Mr Babache Rings from Juggleart are are affordable and durable.

Simple Juggling rings

If you would like something a little bit special there are also the Reverso rings, each side is a different colour which allows you to perform cool colour changing tricks.

Reverso Rings


At Warehouse we juggle Henrys Classic Trainers. These are also available from Juggleart. These clubs are really strong, good for all level of jugglers and their thin handles are also great for small hands. The main reason we like these clubs is that they work well for all levels of juggling, beginner to advanced.

Henrys Classic Trainers

If you would like something a bit more shiny you could get Henrys Classic Circus. These are the same clubs with a different decoration.

Henrys Classic Circus


We recommend Harlequin Diabolo for anyone! The weight and size keep it well balanced, and makes learning new tricks easier.

Harlequin Diabolo – The Circus Shop


Home of Poi sell a great range of Poi and other circus equipment. For beginners all the way to advanced we recommend the Foxy Socks Poi, These poi are great for learning new tricks and are particularly good for partner poi.

For LED props including poi, staff, and hoops – UltraPoi is a fantastic US company supplying performance quality LED props at an accessible price.


With any equipment, quality is key. But this is especially true for contact props! Evenly distributed weight and the right length for you is often essential to experience the full potential of staff spinning.

Wizard Of Flow create a range of contact, double, acro, and juggling staves. We highly recommend their custom made Practice and Mastery Staff.

For something slightly more decorative, Flowmancer are an almost-local (Melbourne) company creating stunning custom braided staves.

Hula Hoops

Toy store Hula Hoops are not good for learning much more than the very basics of hooping. Finding the right hoop for you is always an experimental process, but generally we recommend a larger, heavier hoop for beginners and those wanting to learn on-body tricks, and a smaller, lighter hoop for isolations or off-body tech. We have a large variety of hoops available to try in all of our classes should you wish to feel the difference for yourself.

SpinJoy Hoop Dance (AU) – we recommend SpinJoy Body Rockers for learning traditional body splits and dance work.

Bayside Hoops (AU) – a wider variety of taped and untaped lightweight polypro hoops.

Hoop Empire (AU) – weighted dance hoops, lightweight polypro, LED, and travel hoop options. Something for everyone!

Trick Sticks

We recommend and use TrickStix available from Three Worlds, these are great for beginners because they are not to heavy and they come with nice silicone covered control sticks.

TrickStix Devil Sticks

General Circus Supplies

For a wide variety of all your basic circus equipment, we recommend the following online stores:

Oddballs (UK) – a huge range of equipment, including all your basic manipulations, equilibristics, clowning supplies, and more.

Circus Stuff (AU) – Australian suppliers of juggling equipment, unicycles, slacklines, magic, puppets, and clowning supplies.

Whoopsie Daisy (AU) – a fast expanding retailer for a range of juggling, fire twirling and circus art equipment.

Three Worlds (AU) – For those wanting higher quality manipulation equipment, we especially recommend their “Fusion” kits.

The Circus Shop (AU) – The Circus Shop was started up by the late Dr Reg Bolton back in the 80’s and is run by his daughter and her family in Perth!


A number of options are available for aerial equipment needs. We do not recommend purchasing your own aerial equipment unless you are a highly advanced student with intention to perform aerials professionally. Warehouse Circus is fully equipped for aerial classes in a safe, supervised environment.

If you do require your own aerial rigs, we recommend:

NimbleArts (US) – equipment only, no rigs.

X-Pole Australia (AU) – portable freestanding rigs, stages, and interchangeable equipment.

Aerials Australia (AU) – freestanding rigs, attachment points, and equipment.

Foam Shapes, Mats, and Rollers

Having a couple of foam rollers and mats at home can really diversify the kinds of exercises you can take home with you from classes. If you are in need of any foam equipment, we recommend Foam Sales (AU).

Weirder the Better

A whole range of awesome circus gear is sold by our friend Graham at Weirder the Better.
Shop 11, 1-13 Katoomba Street, Katoomba. Orders can be shipped.
Graham also sells large range of aerial equipment and lots of different slacklines.