Elective Program at UCHSK

Warehouse Circus works in collaboration with UC High School Kaleen to offer their students an elective program where they can study circus under the Australian National Curriculum. There is a year 7/8 and 9/10 class, both of which explore skills which are also offered in our core programs. In addition, students gain a solid grounding in the theoretical concepts involved in the performance and production of circus. 

Our UCSHK circus elective classes aim to provide students with regular physical activity in an environment that encourages healthy risk-taking; positive group dynamics and problem-solving; and fosters our core values of “Learn, Play, Create”. The goal is to enable students to experience the rewards of successfully challenging themselves both physically and creatively. 

Participants in the circus elective program learn the following skills:

  • Acrobatics, adagio, group tumbling
  • Manipulations (poi, staff, spinning plates, juggling etc.)
  • Balance (rola-bola, bottle walking, stilts etc.)
  • Aerials
  • Performance development
  • History of circus
  • Strength and conditioning

For more information about circus elective classes, please visit the UC High School Kaleen website by clicking here