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Crossover Training

Class Times:

4:30pm – 7:00pm Fridays (alongside ACT school terms)

Kaleen:  UC High School Kaleen Gym, 104 Baldwin Drive, Kaleen ACT 2617.
$325 per term (2019)
Family Discounts available. Fees pro-rated for mid-term enrolments. Further discounts available when enrolled as part of a Next Step Troupe Package.
Open to ages 8 and over. Students must be enrolled in a Next Step Troupe to be considered for Crossover Training. 
Crossover Training (lovingly known as “Stir-Fridays”) are weekly training sessions where students enrolled in any of our Next Step or Performance Troupes can come together with students from other troupes to train together in a collaborative environment. This is an opportunity for students to expand their social circle, but also to combine their specialised interests to train skills that they may not be exposed to in their own troupes.
In these classes our highly skilled trainers work closely with each student to develop their individual training style, but also with the class as a whole to foster an environment of cooperative learning and encourage the students to be self motivated in the expansion of their knowledge. Common training activities include adagio-batics (a dynamic combination of adagio and acrobatic skills), manipulations and balance, performance development, and equilibristics. Time is allocated in every class for strength and flexibility training, to ensure that our participants know how to take care of their bodies and have the skills necessary to continue training throughout their lives.
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