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Aerial Classes

Class Times:

We integrated the Kaleen classes into a new concept of speciality training. It will be possible to choose this (or Acrobatics or Manipulation and Balance) spontaneously at each session. Chifley classes remain unchanged for the time being.

4:30pm – 6:30pm Thursdays (Kaleen) – as part of Fundamentals for Speciality Training
6:00pm – 8:30pm Tuesdays (Kaleen) – as part of Advanced Speciality Training
6:10pm – 8:40pm Thursdays (Kaleen) – as part of Adult Speciality Training

Chifley classes stayed as they were – focused solely on aerials.

1pm – 2:30pm Beginners Saturdays (Chifley)
2:30pm – 4pm Intermediate Saturdays (Chifley) – invitation only
4pm – 5:30pm Adults 18yrs+ Saturdays (Chifley)


Chifley: Warehouse Circus Training Space, Chifley Health and Wellbeing Hub, 4/70 MacLaurin Crescent, Chifley ACT 2606.
Kaleen: UC High School Kaleen Gym, 104 Baldwin Drive, Kaleen ACT 2617.


Chifley Aerial Classes 1.5hrs: $260 per term (10 Weeks)

Fundamentals for Specialty Training 2hrs: $290

Advanced and Adult Specialty Training 2.5hrs: $325 


Open to ages 10 and up, no prior skill or athletic ability required. Adult enrolments welcome. 8 – 9 year olds who have attended at least one full term of Warehouse Circus Core Classes may enrol subject to their trainer’s assessment.


These aerial classes covers popular circus disciplines, it is strength building, elegant and dynamic. Participants will learn static and dynamic tricks on the trapeze, tissu and lyra.

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