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Annual General Meeting 2018

Are you curious about what else Warehouse Circus does besides running classes? Interested in what exciting things our 2018 program might hold for participants, parents and audiences? Got a question or an issue you would like to discuss with the Warehouse Circus Board or management? Or just want to know how you can help us out? On the 23rd of May at 6:00pm in Chifley, Warehouse Circus will be holding its Annual General Meeting!

First…DON’T WORRY, nominations for the Board are taken in advance, this means there are no surprises – you will not be asked to commit to anything on the night itself – ALL WE WANT IS YOUR PRESENCE so you can come and enjoy the free food and great company without fear of suddenly becoming Treasurer against your will!

If you are keen to get involved or want to nominate another person, there are some positions on the board which will be vacant for which we are seeking nominations – Information on nominating for the board is available here****. We are continually looking for new expertise across legal, artistic, financial, business, governance, management, and administrative fields. This year we are looking for someone specifically with legal expertise. If you don’t have members you know to nominate you, you can send us some info about yourself and we can put you in touch with members who would like to nominate you.

In order to vote in our new board and keep the organisation operational, it’s crucial that we get a quorum of members* to attend. *If you are over 18 and participate, or have a child who participates in Warehouse Circus programs then you are a member, so this means you! Without the support of members like you at this event, we will not be able to make the decisions that will continue to make us a strong organisation which can provide the best possible programs and performances for  you, your family and the wider community.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions or raise concerns. Parents and Guardians are encouraged to bring their young person along! It’s a great learning experience to be a part of an association or group from a young age and the AGM allows a glimpse at the things that make Warehouse tick, as well as reinforcing that you and your family are part of a community of great people who are excited about circus! There is a wealth of knowledge amongst our board, management and trainers about the circus industry in Australia and Globally, so please feel free to pick our brains. You might be surprised at what you can learn about the big wide world of circus that you are a part of just by coming to say hi. It is a common thing we have seen personally in circus where incidental conversations can lead to new friendships, and even big changes in lifestyle, goals and aspirations for members of any age.

Although we would love to see you, if you absolutely can’t make it, you can still help us out greatly by filling in a proxy form to allow someone who is attending to vote on your behalf. You can choose someone whose judgement you trust! An individual member can hold up to five proxies, so if you are coming, please let your fellow parent/guardians know and help us to collect a quorum for voting!

We’ll make it worth your while with short, informative updates, free food and friendliness!

What: Warehouse Circus AGM

When: 6:00pm, 23rd of May, 2018

Where: Warehouse Circus, Chifley (tenant meeting room 1, Health and Wellbeing Hub, 70 Maclaurin Crescent, Chifley).

Hope to see you there!


Nominating for Board of Directors

Proxy Voting Form 2018

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