Performance Packages

Performance training is integrated within all Warehouse Circus Core Classes. Participants enrolling in an entry level stream based on their age will not only be learning skills but also be given opportunities to play with these skills and be encouraged to think creatively and learn performance skills. This is the beginning of the performer’s journey at Warehouse Circus.

From an entry level stream, participants can then progress to our Next Step stream. Next Step classes and troupes are designed to allow for maximum development of our young artists in a range of different areas including performance. Next Step Troupe members  can take up a second night of training by joining Fundamentals for Specialty Training (Usually $300, reduced to $260 for Next Step Troupe Members) or our Performance Development Class (Usually $180, reduced to $140 for Next Step Troupe Members).

A participant in a Next Step Troupe will be considered for a Warehouse Circus Performance Troupe when they:

  • show a strong drive to perform and initiative with their own training
  • demonstrate ability to commit to increased training hours and performances
  • always display a good attitude towards their troupe, trainers and own training
  • develop a reasonable level of skill across a wide variety of circus disciplines including identifying their own specialties

There must also be suitable space available in a Performance Troupe.

Performance Troupes

Performance Troupes are run on Monday Evenings in Chifley and Kaleen and are just one part of the package for young artists – Performance Troupes are general advanced training as a troupe which is kind of like an artist’s ‘home room’ at Warehouse Circus. 

Performance Troupe Cost: $290 (as a stand alone class) or $260 as a part of a Performance Package.

After enrolling in a Performance Troupe, artists can select what their Performance Package will look like based on their ability to make additional training sessions and performances. Possible selections for additional training and performance include:

Advanced Specialty Training: $335 discounted to $260 for Performance Troupe Members

Private Classes: individuals or small groups from Performance Troupe may like to think about booking private classes to work with a selected trainer on a specific discipline. Private classes are tailored specifically to the individual or small group’s training and performance goals. It is a good way to speed up progress in an identified discipline. Private class costs are individually quoted for existing students depending on length, trainer and day, and performance troupe members are given significant discounts of standard pricing to allow access to private classes as part of a performance package. 

Performance Development Class: $180 (as a stand alone class), $140 for Performance Troupe Members or FREE if bundled with Advanced Specialty Training or a term of Private Classes. 

Performance at Community Shows by Warehouse Circus: either through attendance at Performance Development Class to work on polished group acts or through creation of a solo or small group act in Monday Performance Troupes and presenting this to the Artistic Director or Events Coordinator. 

Auditioning: or opting in to be a part of larger productions and projects which come up from time to time.

Emerging Artists Projects: As Performance Troupe Members are nearing the end of their time with Warehouse Circus and may be thinking about pursuing a career in Circus or a related industry, they may be invited to join projects which have been designed specifically to meet the needs of Emerging Artists and help them work towards their career goals. The Artistic Director is available to meet any time with young artists to discuss their circus and/or career goals – this is often the best place to start for making the most out of Warehouse Circus Performance Packages as often projects are decided upon based on the needs of the existing group of emerging artists. 

Queries? Please call 02 6260 3626 or send us a Program Enquiry