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January Training Intensive 2018

Our week-long Training Intensive is returning in January 2018!

The Training Intensive will run over five days in the week immediately before ACT school returns, but before we can lock in some of the amazing potential trainers, we would like to know how many of you guys would be interested!

Participants will choose from range of sessions on offer and participate up to three sessions in a day. Sessions will be repeated daily to allow participants time to develop skills to a high level in their chosen areas. Areas may include tumbling, german wheel, aerial disciplines, juggling, pass juggling and general manipulations.

If you are interested in participating in the January 2018 Training Intensive expressions of interest are now open! 

Once we have a number of expressions of interest, you will be contacted with a list of circus disciplines on offer for the week and will be able to select preferences. Circus disciplines will be allocated to best match everyone’s interest.

When:  Monday 29th January – Friday 2nd February

Cost: $370*

*Note; this price has been increased as we will now be running a full day program from 10am to 4pm each day, instead of a half-day program for the previously advertised $230. Please contact us if this change affects your ability to participate in the program.  

Pre-requisites: Open to young people and adults at a general intermediate level and above. Warehouse Circus welcomes participants from other youth circuses or groups with appropriate skill level to be determined upon application – admission is not guaranteed.

Potential trainers:

  • Tom Davis….. No introduction necessary, it’s Tom, you’ll love every moment!
  • Jarrad Cuff and Abby Duruz – Jarrad has over 15 years experience in wheels gymnastics and circus performing and is an accredited wheel gymnastics coach with the European Wheel Gymnastics Federation.
  • And of course any Warehouse staff that can spare some time from their busy schedules.

Jarrad and Abby’s Blurb:

German wheel combines circus, gymnastic and acrobatic skills, harnessing momentum, strength and balance. Learn to fly up, over and through our German Wheels, plus spotting techniques so you can work safely with a partner. 

Jarrad Cuff and Abby Duruz have 15-20 years of circus or German wheel experience apiece and are both internationally accredited German wheel coaches and recently taught at the Mullumbimby Circus Festival.  Jarrad has performed German wheel across Europe and the Middle East.  00 In the last year they have set up German Wheel Australia, German Wheel Sydney and the Melbourne Wheel Gymnastics club and are working to spread the RadFreude (wheel-joy) across Australia.  

Abby can also teach beginners’ Spanish web and teach/assist beginner aerials e.g. lyra, trapeze, tissu.  She can also bring up one or two Cyr wheels for beginners to play on.

Jarrad is the head coach at Melbourne Wheel Gymnastics.  He can teach ground acro and juggling as well as German wheel.

Queries? Please call 02 6260 3626 or if you’re interested fill out an Expression of Interest form:

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