Our Major Show

Interrobang ?!

30th January – 6th February


Warehouse Circus Presents:


Our 30th Birthday Show has been developed through a year of shutdowns, online classes, changes in show dates and our cast having their school year thrown out of whack.

And despite all this, our tenacious and dedicated students have put together a show to be incredibly proud of. Showcasing their high level of talent and performance ability.

And what do we think about the show? Well, lucky it’s sandal season, because these kids are gonna knock your socks off.

The Countdown to Opening Night Begins!








All The AWESOME details:


30 January – 6 February 2021

At Belco Arts ‘The Theatre’

Running time: 55 mins, no interval
Suitable for all ages
This performance contains loud music and lots of nonsense; strictly no flash photography allowed

$20 Adult
$15 Concession

What is the meaning of Interrobang?

An interrobang is a combination question and exclamation mark; A mixture of awed bemusement and excitement, and it looks like this:

Which we think sums up circus nicely.
Warehouse has delivered 30 years of youth driven circus, and this show was inspired by all that history. Our young people have devised a work that explores the weight and richness of legacies, the expectations and the opportunities that come out of what came before.

They also chuck sweet backflips.

Featuring incredible acrobatics, juggling, aerials, comedy, dance and more, this is an energetic, family-friendly, all-in circus celebration!

Lucky it’s sandal season, because these kids are gonna knock your socks off.

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