How to Enrol

Step 1. Find out about our programs and decide when/where/in what you want to enrol:

  • Visit our website or search our Members Portal for a full list of programs.
  • Call us at the office and we can provide all the info you need over the phone.

Step 2. Let us know that you want to enrol in a specific program:

  • For School Holiday Programs you can now enrol yourself online straight away via our Members Portal
  • For Core Programs you can request a class in the Members Portal. Once you have requested a class, you will receive an email confirming we have received your enquiry and you will be placed on a waiting list for your selected program.

Step 3. When there is space in the program, we will follow up with a phone call or email:

  • We will phone or email you to confirm the time, start date, cost, payment methods.
  • You can also log onto your account and update your enrolment information anytime. 

Step 4. Update details and make a payment:

  • Make sure that all of your details are correct (addresses, phone numbers, any medical details, etc.)
  • Once we have enrolled you in a program, we will manually raise your charges in the Members Portal. This can take a couple of business days. Once they are raised you will be able to see the balance due and pay via Credit Card through the Members Portal, or we can send you an invoice if you would prefer. To request an invoice, simply reply to your enrolment confirmation email.
  • For School Holiday Program Deposits and Mid-Term Enrolments, fees are due within one week of your initial enrolment email at the latest. For Full Term enrolments and Remaining School Holiday Program Fees fees are due before the first class commences. Please note that for program enrolments requiring a deposit (ie. School Holiday Program), the deposit will need to be paid at the time of enrolment.
  • You can update your details at any time through the Members Portal, regardless of whether or not you are currently enrolled in a class.


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