High-Brow Low-Key

When: Sundays 8th & 15th of December

Time: 3pm & 7pm both days

Where: Warehouse Circus Chifley Training Space

Who’s invited: Anyone and everyone!!

Ticket price: $15 for adult, $10 for child

Every year Warehouse Circus’ performance troupes develop a major production for our community, they’re a great opportunity for senior students to have a full theatre production experience. This year we want our very talented next step troupes as well as our Performance troupes and emerging artists to try their hand at a mini major production! Introducing High-Brow Low-Key: An end of year showcase for Warehouse Circus Troupes and Emerging Artists.

Over two weekends in December our Chifley space will be transformed into an immersive theatre space to host the diverse skills and creative ingenuity of our young artists.

A major production normally works with 15-20 young artists, High-Brow-Low-Key will have just over 100 young artists!

As clever as they are, we’re going to need some additional help to make the magic happen. To get the ball rolling, we are asking our community for help to get the troupes access to materials for costume making, props and other resources.  If you can help, please contact us by clicking here! There are plenty of ways you can get involved.

If you are a corporation or small business interested in sponsoring this event, contact us and check out our Corporate Sponsorship Proposal.

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