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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Warehouse Circus Volunteer!

Occasionally throughout the year we require volunteer assistance in a variety of activities. This isn’t a huge commitment for you but it is a greatly appreciated one.

If you think you could offer your time and skills at any point throughout the year we would love for you to fill in the following few questions.

If you are here specifically for the Mid Year Show, look right for the list of possible occupations.

Thank you!

  • Popcorn: Fill the air with that unmistakable scent of pure happiness (and butter). Man the stand, sell some corn, become the perfect popcorn popper person you know you were born to be.
  • BBQ: Banger flipping, onion browning, sanga slinging, awesome saucin’! Sell some iconic Aussie fare and become every meat-lovers favourite person.
  • Merch: Plenty of smiles means plenty of sales. Deck out the crowd in our beautiful merchandise!
  • Chaperone: Ever herded cats? Circus people can sometimes be the same, so make sure nobody gets lost in the excitement by providing a guiding hand to our performers.
  • Decorating: Streamers, bunting and balloons, oh my! Please explode circus absolutely everywhere. Make our space as gorgeous as our shows.
  • Photography: Capture every moment. Everyone. Everywhere.
  • Stands: Small businesses, apply within to fill our courtyard with enticements for attendees to try, and buy!

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