Performance Development

Class Times:

4:30pm – 6:30pm Thursdays (Kaleen)


Kaleen: UC High School Kaleen Gym, 104 Baldwin Drive, Kaleen ACT 2617.

$180 per term (2019)
$190 per term (2020)

Open to young people aged 8 – 17, who are currently enrolled in a Warehouse Circus program or have prior experience in circus (ie. regularly attending holiday programs etc.).


This class offers an amazing opportunity to our participants who are not currently in a performance troupe stream to gain experience in performing and creating work. Participants will work with our staff to explore the skills they have learned in other programs and use them to create engaging circus performances. They will also learn tools for creating unique work and will be helped by to refine their performances to a high standard. This class is a pathway for keen performers to begin performing publicly on behalf of Warehouse Circus before they have reached a performance troupe. Participants who develop unique and engaging work in this class may be invited to community show rehearsals to work with our performance troupe members on particular community shows we have coming up, including showcasing their own creations for the public. We are very excited to offer this as pathway for young performers who are eager to get out there on the stage soon or into the future!

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