Sample Day

This is an example of what a 4 hour workshop could look like. All our workshops are custom designed to meet your needs, as such activities and games may vary to suit your  company.

9:00-9:20       Induction and warm-up with spider web juggling concentration game. Focused on breaking                        tasks down into manageable components.

9:20-10:20    Split into smaller groups and go through 3 or 4 different types of manipulation disciplines,                         i.e. juggling, devil sticks, diabolo, plate spinning, poi or hula hoops.

10:20-10:40  Prop exploration creativity game.

10:40-10:55  Tea break

10:55-11:10  Physical warm up

11:10-11:55  Acrobatics: Basic tumbling, trampoline, table-sliding and adagio (human pyramids)

11:55-12:40  Aerials: introduction to Trapeze, Tissue, and Chinese pole.

12:40-01:00  Warm down, cooperation game, debrief.