Our Mission, Vision and Values


Warehouse Circus is the Collaborative Centre for Circus Arts in Canberra:

– developing and delivering inclusive, youth circus programs and training opportunities that foster artistic vibrancy, diversity and innovation in young circus artists

– supporting the social, physical and career development of participants at all levels, from beginners to advanced and recreational to professional

– collaborating with other arts organisations to strengthen local circus arts practice and provide diverse opportunities for both performers and audiences



For Circus to be Recognised as a Leading Art Form in the ACT

– to highlight the vibrancy and originality of contemporary circus arts

– to strengthen the creativity and inclusiveness of our communities

– to pursue excellence in circus performance and circus as a medium for social development



Diversity | Respect | Access | Inclusion | Collaboration | Creative Expression | Physical Investigation | Life-Long Learning | Safety | Empowerment | Artistic Vibrancy | Resilience