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Annual General Meeting 2019

Are you interested in what exciting things Warehouse Circus has planned for 2019? Do you have questions, compliments, or concerns that you would like to discuss with the Warehouse Circus Board? Well, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Thursday 16th of May at 6pm in the tenant meeting room at the Chifley Health and Wellbeing Hub and you are invited to join us!
The AGM is where we will review and celebrate our successes of the past twelve months. We would love you to come along and celebrate with us.
We will also be electing a new board to lead us forward for next twelve months. If you wish to nominate for the board please note that this must be done in advance before close of business on Thursday 9th May, 2019. No nominations will be taken after this date. We are continually looking for new expertise across legal, artistic, financial, business, governance, management, and administrative fields. This year we are looking for someone specifically with legal expertise. If you don’t have members you know to nominate you, you can send us some info about yourself and we can put you in touch with members who would like to nominate you.
This will be your opportunity to participate in the conversation regarding the future of Warehouse Circus. We encourage all members over the age of 18 to come along and contribute, as well as bringing their small circus people along to reinforce that you and your family are active members of an inclusive community of great people! There is a wealth of knowledge about the circus industry amongst all members of our board, management, and trainers, and this will be a fantastic opportunity for you to pick our brains and learn something new. 
Although we would love to see you, if you absolutely can’t make it, you can still help us out greatly by filling in a proxy form to allow someone who is attending to vote on your behalf. You can choose someone whose judgement you trust! An individual member can hold up to five proxies, so if you are coming, please let your fellow parent/guardians know and help us to collect a quorum for voting!
If you’re still not 100% convinced that you would like to attend, consider the free food and friendly smiles that will be provided! 
Thank you for being part of Warehouse Circus and we look forward to seeing you there!
What: AGM
When: 6pm, Thursday 16th May, 2019
Where: Warehouse Circus, Chifley Health and Wellbeing Hub,
4/70 MacLaurin Cres, Chifley.
Who: You’re invited!

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