Hi there!

Merry Christmas everyone! We wish you all a strong healthy break and a Happy New Year!

Here is some information to assist you during our shut down period from COB Friday 20th of December until early morning the 6th of January.

If you have already enrolled in our School Holiday Programs and are yet to complete your member registration (contained in your confirmation email) or pay the deposit you can still do these online while we’re shut down. To make a payment please visit our Make a Payment page. Please note that participants without member registrations completed and full payments made by the commencement of each program will not be permitted to participate. Cash and Cheque will be accepted on the first morning of each program also.

If you would like to enrol your child or children in any of our school holiday programs in January there are still places in each week (as of the 20th of December). You can follow this link to the ‘I would like to Enrol’ page of our website. Remaining places will be allocated in order of completion of this form and you will be notified whether you have a place on Friday the 3rd of January at the latest and will be provided a link to our member registration via email. Please do not make a payment until we have confirmed a space in the program with you via a confirmation email.

The Holiday Programs are on the following dates and all run from 9am – 3pm daily.

• Week One, Chifley only: Monday the 6th of January to Friday the 10th of January ($330)
• Week Two, Chifley only: Monday the 13th of January to Friday the 17th of January ($330)
• Week Three, Chifley only: Monday the 20th of January to Friday the 24th of January ($330)
• Week Four, Kaleen only: Tuesday the 28th of January to Friday the 31st of January ($280)
Core programs will recommence on the 3rd of February, 2014. Your enrolment rolls over from term to term unless you complete a Program Unenrolment Form. Invoices will be sent out via email at least two weeks prior to your program commencement date. We will endeavour to finalise availability for participants moving classes before invoices are issued.

Event enquiries for 2014 can be made online via our Event Enquiries page. All event enquiries will be responded to after the office reopens on the 6th of January. Urgent event bookings for events occurring in the first two weeks of January are unlikely to be accommodated.

All other enquiries will be responded to as soon as possible after the 6th of January, 2014.

See you in 2014!