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Juggling Intensive

When: 5:00pm – 6:00pm Tuesdays

Where: UC High School Kaleen Gym, 104 Baldwin Drive, Kaleen ACT 2617.

Cost: $160 per term


This class is for those interested in juggling balls, clubs or rings. 
Each week you will develop new patterns or tricks in both solo and pass juggling. The class is open to everyone from beginner to advanced jugglers, from 8 years old to adult. Our trainers can get you started juggling or provide you with advanced training patterns to help you progress. At whatever stage you are at, our trainers can offer feedback on your patterns.


What we cover

Pass Juggling:
Whilst it can be done with any juggling prop, it is traditionally practised with clubs. This class explores techniques and drills for club passing as well as more complex patterns.

Solo Juggling:
The most common props are balls, clubs or rings. In this class we will focus on these three props and expand your knowledge of tricks and patterns.

Participants will be encouraged to experiment with their own patterns and ideas. If you are working on anything specific then our trainers can help you.


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